Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2018

[Self] Tae Takemi Just Before MegaCon 2018! misochibii

[Self] My recently finished Oni Genji, during Swiss Fantasy Show...

Irine Meier as Triss Merigold (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

[SELF] Handmade lingerie for my Touka boudoir shoot ~ by Mikomi...

[Photographer] Nargacuga - Monster Hunter saccosplay

[Self] My Motoko Kusanagi cosplay - first prop build!!...

Team Possible [self] moredevine

CutiePieSensei, Chel

[Self] My first time bringing my Vados from DBS to a con,...

Leeloo by Elianeck

Jannet Vinogradova as Kaileena (Prince of Persia)

[Self] My first ever cosplay..misa Amane/deathnote (basic, I...

[Self] Ahmanet from the Mummy cosplay Alcrabone

Jinx cosplay by Andrasta

[self] Eternal sailor moon 🌙 Lovi_d

[Self] Inuyasha at Fanime 2018! ninjacosplay

[Self] Flareon Cosplay (Pokemon Gijinka) vinylraven

[Self] My Akuma at Momocon, just before the Raging Demon Black6x

Storm from X-Men cosplay by AliciaMarieBODY

Rogue cosplay (X-Men Evolution) by F. Lovett

Lingerie Jasmine from Aladdin.

[Self] “Steampunk Assassin”; what do you guys think?...

Andrasta as Bunny Jinx (League of Legends)

Maria Fernanda Galvão as Shego (Kim Possible)

[SELF] My cosplay of Zero from Drakengard 3 RizzyCosArt

[Photographer]Rust Lord by Broken Blade Workshop saccosplay

[Self] First test of my Mt. Lady cosplay from My Hero Academia!...

[self] (x-post from xmen) My boyfriend’s favorite shot of...

Super Sonico by Catjira

Total Drama Island Gwen by Jenna Lynn Meowri

[self] Destiny Hunter Cosplay by tortured knight with our ice...

Saber by Helly Von Valentine

Ryuu Lavitz as a Zubat

[Self] Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV, photo by Michael...

[Self] It’s Weegee tiiiiime💚 xKatNoelle

[Author] Serious vs. Casual BWHComics

Lunaritie as Elizabeth from Bioshock (mic)

[self] Film photo of my Lum from Urusei Yatsura [nsfw] ?...

Chloe Price cosplay by Ariderion

[Self] Troy McClure from The Simpsons for OzComicCon...

[Self] Casual Robin from Teen Titans by kappurucosplay...

Christina Fink as Tracer (Overwatch)

Beke Jacoba as Sith Lord (Star Wars)

Holly Wolf as Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw)

[Self] Officer Jenny from Pokemon Obling98956

[Photographer] Peter from Deadpool 2, ready for action...

[Self] My McCree cosplay for anime north 2018 dancortens